Directors Needed

Plays in Morris is actively seeking directors.

Job Duties:

The director has the challenging task of bringing together the many complex pieces of a production—the script, actors, set, costuming, lighting and sound and music—into a unified whole. To accomplish this task, a director needs to:

  1. Interpret the script
  2. Cast the production
  3. Collaborate with designers
  4. Plan the rehearsals
  5. Guide the actors in their work during rehearsals.

The director’s work is most often based on a detailed study and analysis of the script to be produced. Many careful readings of the script help the director develop an individual vision of the playwright’s intentions, which will form the core of his or her interpretation. This sense of “what the play is really about” will shape a director’s thinking about every other aspect of the production.

Directors also study the characters in the script, gathering as much information as they can about their physical and psychological traits. This is vital preparation for casting, when the actors who are best able to bring the characters to life in performance need to be chosen.

Work Hours

Working hours involve regular weekend and evening work based on both the director and cast availability.  The director will set his/her own schedule along with the Plays in Morris Executive Director.  While there are not set minimum or maximum work hours the director must complete all tasks required in an allotted amount of time (ex. 3 month rehearsal process, etc.)


Plays in Morris offers our directors the following stipends:

    • Short Plays: $150
    • Full-Length Plays & One-Act Musicals: $300
    • Full-Length Musicals: $400

Current Openings:

  • Dear Mrs. Claus – December 2022 – Short Play
  • Love Letters – February 2023 – Full-Length Play
  • A Night of Mystery – September 2023 – Short Plays

To Apply:

Email Joe Ferriero, executive director at with your interest and any experience you may have.  While a resume is not needed a list of any/all theatre experience is helpful.  Must be 18+ to apply for a director position.