A Christmas Carol [November 21 & 22 – 6-7pm at MAHS Theatre]

This show is co-produced by the Morris Area High School Drama club and is open to students in grades 6-12 from ANY local school.
This is a musical – we are looking for actors who can sing.  Please prepare a 30 second song clip to sing (acapella) or with a track (that you provide).  If you can not make the audition you can contact Joe at  joe@playsinmorris.org

Performance Dates: Friday, December 20 @ 7:30p & Saturday, December 21 @ 1:30 & 7:30pm

Rehearsal Period: Rehearsals will begin just after Thanksgiving and go up to show date.  This is a short rehearsal period and we will work around actors schedules.

Synopsis: When visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future, Scrooge is forced to see the coldness of his own humbug ways, and learns to honor Christmas in his heart.

Roles Available:

  • Scrooge – a, not-so-friendly, accountant
  • Jacob Marley – Scrooge’s, now deceased, business partner and our story’s narrator
  • Bob Cratchit – Scrooge’s clerk
  • Martha Cratchit* – Bob’s wife
  • Peter Cratchit* – Bob’s son
  • ‘Tiny’ Tim Cratchit – Bob’s youngest child, he was born with a deformity, he uses a crutch
  • Elizabeth Cratchit* – Bob’s daughter
  • Fezziwig* – Scrooge’s former boss and mentor
  • Belle* – a beautiful young woman whom Scrooge was in love with
  • Fred* – Scrooge’s Nephew
  • Fan* – Scrooge’s sister, Fred’s mother
  • Volunteers* – looking for donations
  • The Ghosts – Christmas Past, Present and Future
  • Townspeople – ensemble

* will double as townspeople when possible

Pinocchio: A New Musical Adventure

We are looking for actors who can sing.  This production will feature actors ages 10+.  Really looking to fill one adult role!
Can’t make the audition? – email joe@playsinmorris.org – we will gladly give you a role! If you have a video of you performing please include it in your email.

Synopsis: Everyone knows the story of Pinocchio but this isn’t that story. In this story Pinocchio takes over years later. Pinocchio, now a real boy, finds himself discovering love and all of the highs and lows that comes with it.  Featuring some of your favorite music including Don’t Stop Believin’, Breakaway, Fight Song and much more! The show runs around one hour in length.

Performance Dates: This show performs in East Side Park on June 20, 2019.  This is a free performance.

Rehearsal Period: We will rehearse on weekends – depending on the availability of the cast.  Typically afternoons to late afternoons.  Rehearsal schedule will be created once a cast has been chosen.

Roles Available:

Pinocchio [M, 15+] formerly a puppet now a real boy

Gepetto [M, 18+] Pinocchio’s father (non-singing, however this role can double in the ensemble and sing in the last number)

Blue [F, 15+] a girl at school, Pinocchio’s love interest

Alice [F, 15+] her friend

Jiminy [M, 15+] Pinocchio’s Best Friend

Phil [M, 15+] Boy at school

Paula [F, 15+] Phil’s best friend

Ensemble of other students at the school

Music: This is a jukebox musical meaning that all of the songs from the show are popular hit songs throughout different decades.  All songs are written in no more than 2 part harmony.  Songs, by scene, are listed below.

  1. We Got The Beat (Pinocchio & Company)
  2. She Loves You (Jiminy & Company)
  3. Breakaway (Blue & Alice)
  4. Stand By Me (Paula)
  5. Dancin’ in the Streets (Company)
  6. Save The Last Dane for Me (Pinocchio)
  7. Dancin’ Queen (Paula & Company)
  8. Fight Song (Blue, Alice & Company)
  9. Don’t Stop Believin’ (Pinocchio, Blue, Phil, Paula & Company)
  10. Best Years of our Lives (Company)


TBA – MAHS Theatre

Synopsis: A cheesy talk show host invites traditional fairy tale characters who have been estranged for 20 years to reconcile on live television. From Snow White and the Evil Queen to Cinderella and her middle-aged Ugly Stepsisters, this TV show parody asks the question, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’ The talk show is punctuated by questions from obnoxious studio audience members and hilarious infomercials for fairy tale related products. Even Jiminy Cricket-now an occupational therapist and author of ’My Life as Your Conscience’-makes a guest appearance to lend his professional opinion. Complete with a trash-talking clairvoyant mirror, an unfortunate prince who is turning slowly back into a frog and many other wacky fractured fairy tale bits, your talk show spoof will be the talk of the town!

Performance Dates:  TBA

Roles Available:

HOST.  talk show host

STEPSISTER #1. Cinderella’s now middle-aged ugly stepsister

STEPSISTER #2. also still “beauty-impaired”

CINDERELLA. traditional fairy tale character, but not as young as she used to be

SNOW WHITE. still wearing that same high collar

QUEEN. Snow White’s nemesis

MIRROR. human face that protrudes from the queen’s large wall mirror

JIMINY CRICKET. now an occupational therapist

EMMETT MANTELLA. frog—er, man—with a problem

PAT. BETH. & SAM, advertisers; spokespeople for various products

AIRHEAD. studio audience member; not too bright

LOUDMOUTH. studio audience member; loud and obnoxious

OLD WEEPING LADY #1. studio audience member; elderly woman; finds everything touching

OLD WEEPING LADY #2. another