Nanny Claus – Auditions

Nanny Claus: The North Pole Nanny
October 13 & 14, 2017 @ 6:00pm – MAHS Theatre

Synopsis: When the naughty antics of the Elf family children cause yet another nanny to quit, who do you suppose will care for them while Mother and Father are too busy with their North Pole Christmas jobs? Why, Nanny Claus: The North Pole Nanny, of course! And she has just the right tricks up her sleeve. Three very special stocking stuffers, an amazing outing with a magical snowman, and surprise visits to the North Pole Sweet Shoppe and Santa’s Workshop teach this family about taking time to enjoy the holidays together. A theatrical score and engaging script that are reminiscent of your favorite classic nanny story!  Think Mary Poppins in the North Pole!

Performance Dates:  No set dates – scheduled for December, 2017

Roles Available:

NANNY CLAUS: [F] A traditional and somewhat mysterious nanny. Likes to smile, but knows when it is appropriate to be cross. She is perfectly put together at all times, may speak with a British accent (as all the best nannies do).

Elf Family
FATHER: [M] the manager at Santa’s Workshop
MOTHER: [F] in charge at the North Pole Sweet Shoppe
ELLIE: [F] (age 10) acting out because she desires attention from her parents
EDDIE: [M] (age 8) also acts out
EMILY: [F] (age 6) small role (only 1 line)

NANNY KRINGLE: [F] Stern and strong. Today, she is extremely angry.

SNOWMAN: [M] a bright, cheery, and magical personality are required

SANTA: [M] jolly

MRS. CLAUS: [F] also pretty jolly!

SWEET SHOPPE ELVES and WORKSHOP ELVES:  [E] have small features, ensemble role